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Visa to Drive contains a comprehensive suite of solutions to assist you with meeting your duty of care obligations.

Driving licence checking

Visa to Drive handles the entire end-to-end process of checking driving licences. Replacing cumbersome paper based administration, Visa to Drive makes use of a highly secure web based portal and an instant licence check to verify individuals’ driving licence details, directly from the DVLA .

All for just £2.50 per check, with no added fees.

Here’s how it works

1.You provide us with the details of every driver that requires a driving licence check.

2. All drivers will be asked to complete the DVLA Declaration online that requests their consent for the driving licence check and requests their full name, address, date of birth and driving licence number. This consent is valid until the employee ceases to drive in connection with the company, or in any case, three years after the date of their consent.  Employees can also withdraw their consent at any time.

3. Any failure to complete the declaration is reported back to you.  Mileage capture users will not be able to make mileage claims until they have consented to the licence check, adding a further incentive.

4. All signed mandates are verified by the DVLA which are then valid for 3 years.

5. The DVLA licence check takes seconds to return once the driver completes the declaration.

High risk drivers will be highlighted to enable you to schedule more frequent checks for drivers with endorsements.  Helping you to reduce your exposure to risk by ensuring that every driver is licenced to drive at all times

Risk Assessments

We can undertake risk assessments of anyone who drives on behalf of your business. The findings of this can be blended with telematics and insurer data to create a risk profile of each driver. This profile can then be used to assess whether there is a need for targeted interventions such as on the road or online driver training.

The services we provide are:

  • Driver Risk Assessment (Advanced Driver Training): This is where the employee completes a risk assessment
  • Online Driver Training: ADT Modules agreed following the completion of the Driver Risk assessment
  • In Car Training: With ADT following the results of the Driver Risk Assessment and the Online Driver Training
  • Driver Behaviour Data: Using data from the TMC app and the various telematics providers, we get the driver behaviour scores for speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh corner and phone distractions/usage. These scores will then give the driver an overall score

Insurance polices

If you operate a grey fleet it’s essential that your drivers have business class insurance when driving their own vehicles for work purposes. With Visa to Drive you can be sure that you will never have a driver on the road without the correct policy. Upon renewal drivers are required to upload their insurance details to TMC’s online system which are then verified by one of TMC’s expert auditors. Should an employee fail to submit their policy on time TMC will chase them directly and let you know that the driver has breached your fleet policy.

MOT certificates

Ensuring grey fleet vehicles are road worthy is an essential part of duty of care compliance. Should a driver have an accident and it is discovered that the vehicle did not hold a valid MOT certificate or had not been serviced in line with manufacturer’s guidelines then it could expose you to a Health and Safety investigation which may result in fines and prosecutions. Visa to Drive will give you the confidence that every vehicle within your fleet is road worthy. Once drivers upload their MOT certificates onto the TMC system they will be checked and verified to ensure the vehicle is legally allowed on the road.

Vehicle safety inspections

A key element of duty of care is to ensure that all vehicles, whether company owned or grey fleet, are safe to drive at all times.

Visa to Drive will provide you with auditable records of the below, so you can ensure your fleet has been subjected to regular safety checks:

  • Vehicle Safety Inspection – photo uploads
  • Oil Checks
  • Tyre Pressure Checks
  • Service Check
  • Vehicle Age In-line With Policy

Fleet Policy Acceptance

We upload your fleet policy into the system and drivers must read and confirm they have understood it by selecting a tick box on their account.

Drivers cannot log mileage until they have confirmed the policy has been read. When any changes to the policy are made, the drivers must again declare that they have read and understood the new policy.

Online Driver Training

Following the risk assessment, the majority of training needs are accommodated by on-line training modules. We will categorise by low, medium, and high risk drivers, and they will receive training appropriate for their group:

  • Low Risk Drivers: not required to complete any training
  • Medium Risk Drivers: will likely receive two or three on-line modules appropriate to the risks identified during the risk assessment
  • High Risk Drivers: will be recommended to sit an online Hazard Perception Evaluation Test. On completion, the user will receive a number of short targeted modules based on their results.

On the Road Driver Training

In-vehicle training may be an appropriate control measure for very high risk drivers. These individual drivers will be identified flagged during the risk assessment.

The in-vehicle training these drivers will undertake will be unique according to their needs as identified by our assessments. This may vary from driver to driver, and will be constructed so that it focuses on areas that they need to improve in order to become more safe and compliant drivers.