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Visa to Drive is a duty of care solution delivered by The Miles Consultancy. Far more than a consultancy business, TMC is a market leader in providing specialist fuel and mobility management solutions to companies across Europe. The business was founded in 2002 to provide fleet operators with a superior way of managing mileage claims and reporting, replacing traditional paper and spreadsheet based systems.

Since then, TMC has gone onto enhance and expand its offerings to the Fleet sector and our solutions are now the market-leading electronic fuel and expenses management driver mobility solutions in the UK and Europe. More than 100,000 drivers use the system’s award winning capabilities.

TMC’s other products and services includes:

Mileage capture audit and control

An award winning solution that streamlines and manages the end-to-end process of mileage and fuel expense management for any kind of fleet set up – company cars, vans, HGVs, car allowance drivers, grey fleet, pooled cars and shared vehicles. The system takes data from a variety of inputs such as driver entered trips, telematics feeds, fuel card spend and combines it to give fleet managers a centralised view over every aspect of their mileage, fuel expenses and carbon output.

Every piece of data entered into the system is passed through smart business logic to ensure that there are no falsely entered trips by drivers, overspend on fuel cards or wrongly declared private mileage. When these issues do occur, our team of expert auditors will call the driver direct to investigate and rectify the issue. Typically this robust auditing procedure results in an average saving 17.2% saving on fuel costs as businesses start to see more private mileage reclaimed. At the end of each month companies are provided with all the necessary payroll files to pay reimbursements or make salary deductions in line with miles driven and claimed.

Powerful mobility and fuel card

Released in association with a leading corporate card provider, TMC provide a total mobility and fuel card called Fuel+. Backed by global Visa acceptance, the card far out performs other fuel cards on the market in terms coverage with acceptance in over 98% of petrol stations and supermarkets.